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Live Events

Speaker Mastery

Upcoming Dates:

1st - 3rd Nov UK

15 - 17 Nov, USA

7th - 9th February - UK

  • Learn how to communicate effectively in any conversation or presentation

  • Learn how to easily convey your message and sell on stage

  • Learn how to step into confidence and personal power in ANY moment

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Stage Mastery

Upcoming Dates:


*Graduates of Speaker Mastery Only

  • Master your Speaker Skills

  • Learn How to Facilitate Outstanding Events 

  • The key Steps to a Profitable Speaker Business

  • What Makes a World Class Speaker 

  • Different ways to Close and Make Money from Stage

  • Firewalk and other Breakthrough Experiences 

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Events Franchise


Work Closely with Harriet to Launch, Scale and monetise Your events

Opportunity to invest in a proven Events model with Harriet's support in set up and facilitation. 
Save yourself time, finance and headaches by implementing a system that already works.  

Leverage an established brand to gain visibility.  

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Warriors Camp

Upcoming Dates:

 20th - 24th
March 2020 

14th - 18th October 2020 

You are far greater than you know, and you have trulyamazing potential.
The key to ALL success lies within. During this Camp you will tap into your higher self and increase your full capacity for happiness, alignment and success.

This is not your average event, it’s not about sitting back and observing, it’s about doing – Being the Warrior within.
Most people fail in business not through lack of knowledge but rather lack of courage. This course is about inner strength. Understanding of who you truly are and how to train your MIND, BODY & SPIRIT to enjoy continued growth and create your life by design.


The learning is truly transformational and can be applied to all aspects of your everyday life, whether it’s relationships, business or your finances etc. If you believe there’s more to life, and are ready to experience an empowered way of living, then commit to being there!This event is the best investment you can make as it deals with the core of everything – YOU.

You will master…

  • The secrets to overcome fear and sustain confidence

  • How not to seek approval and recognition

    from others but always value yourself

  • How to respond to circumstances by choice

    instead of reacting from past experiences

  • How to live with integrity, so that your word

    is law

  • How to have the courage to take action in spite

    of doubt and worry

  • How to stay strong in the storm and dance

    through the rain
    Let’s rise together!

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Warriors Mastermind Retreat

Upcoming Dates:

4th - 8th DEC 2019 
9th - 13th DEC 2020


Immerse Yourself In an example of Consistency and Set Yourself up for Your BEST YEAR YET

Here you can spend an entire week from wake up until bedtime learning and sharing with experts in various industries. (Each Trip Varies) 
The best way to learn and grow is to take yourself out of context so you can focus on execution and growth.

Join in with morning routines, ask personal and business related questions, join relevant teachings and bond in new experiences. 
Learn current and up to date strategies for business and execute personal rituals to take you to the next level. 
Understand the mind set required for success and create the habits to last you a life time!  

For more information click see more as each mastermind hosts different leaders to share there wisdom and each year hosts a new location! 

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Private Mentorship


Only for Those Ready To Take Action 

Harriet is currently only working with those looking to improve their speaker skills and monetise their message. 

Harriet will personally reach out to you to discuss how we can help or if another coach might be more suitable at this moment in time. 

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Private Mentorship
Mastermind Retreat

Online Learning

Online Courses (Quick)

Speaker Mastery Online


 * Learn how to communicate effectively in any conversation or presentation 

 * Learn how to easily convey your message and sell on stage 

 * Learn how to step into confidence and personal power in ANY moment 

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Mind Mastery Online


In order to Master any area of your external world, you must first learn to Master your Internal world.
Master Your mind, to Master your Life. 
In this video series, Harriet shares exactly how she was able to find inner strength, confidence and fulfilment so you can live a happy life. ​

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Warrior's Tribe



A Tribe of Warriors, entrepreneurs, speakers and impact creators rising together to make a difference

Our vision is to create a Balanced world where we can thrive in Love, Confidence Joy and Inner Peace. 
Let's Step out of Conditioned society and happily rise together to achieve the internal and external success we not only desire - we deserve. 

Together we are stronger! 

This group shares resources, support and feedback so we can stay accountable in our drive.  

Click the Button to Join Us 

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Mind Mastery
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