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Online Programmes
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11 videos with exercises and workbooks to support you building an empowered mindset and creating everyday confidence

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7 week program & 3 month membership taking you step by step through what you need to be a confident and inspirational speaker that deeply impacts their audience and monetises their message

Live Events
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Stepinto your power and understand how to create a meaningful life on your terms. 

Showing you exactly how to have confidence from the core in everyday life

Includes incredible fire walk experience

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Speaker Retreat

10 days with Harriet and other International guest speakers to transform your speaker ability and support you to build and scale your speaker business. 
Impact and make a difference to every audience, increase your visability, monetise your message. 

Along with many other powerful speakers including Bob Proctor, Sharon Lechter, Jim Cathcart and many more each contributes a chapter including their top tips to become a powerful speaker. 

With 49 heart centred leaders coming together to share their story and insights in this powerful new book. 

Free Resources
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This Power hour gives you the foundations to build your confidence, improve your everyday communication, especially as an entrepreneur AND how to instantly improve your public speaking skills! 
Watch Now

A detailed guide to support you building confidence, improve your communication and learn how to make an impact as a speaker 

An easy to use guide that you will need a journal to use. 
10 questions that will help you to narrow down exactly what you want to speak about, what you want to help with and what you will become known for as a speaker.  

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A guided visualisation to support you in letting go of limiting beliefs, lovingly accepting what is and calmly creating new empowered beliefs, the story of your future and who you are becoming. 

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