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Harriet Bratt

Harriet is an International Speaker, Firewalk Expert and Global Bestselling Coauthor Harriet has spoken to audiences around the world both in person and online; and was one of thousands of students to become the lead trainer for a personal development company before starting her own business and developing her own programs & signature event Speaker Mastery.   
Harriet is also a member of the Association of Transformation Leaders - Europe. 

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A little of  Harriet's story....

I knew I wanted more...

but I had no idea how and had lost my confidence to try. 

Opportunities were few and far between in our local village, bullying

and abuse at school, in relationships, - I had little to no confidence

and an internal self loathing. 
After graduating and experiencing various different job roles I still did not feel fulfilled. 
In my final role before stepping into Entrepreneurship (running a care home) I finally realised - enough was enough and there was "more to life" 

I was broke, unfulfilled working 80+hours and had hardly time with my fiance let alone a social life. 

I realised that if I wanted to live a different life - I needed to create a new path and start my own business.
They say when the student is ready - the master will appear. 
I found Tony Robbins, which led to so many other teachers and immersed myself in the path of personal development! I quickly found a huge passion for speaking and as I give credit to Speakers & Mentors for helping transform my life - I developed a dream to be able to do the same for others.

I found myself a Speaking mentor who was doing what I wanted to do, I was broke so took a loan and committed to making it work. 




I learned so much about confidence, communication and speaking. I worked hard on my mindset and collaborated with an international speaker to travel the world and impact thousands. 
I am blessed to have spoken in several countries including India, America, Taiwan, Indonesia, Slovakia and continue to see the Warrior inside everybody I meet no matter where they are from and enjoy being the spark of inspiration for them to step up and fuel their fire. 

Experiencing the impact speakers can have and seeing the common Fear and dis belief that anyone can speak yet knowing that we all have a message inside - I stepped into the next level.

Now it was time to train other speakers. Continuing to speak globally I launched our signature training event - Speaker Mastery I have since trained over 100 speakers  many who have gone on to speak, some internationally, built speaker businesses, increased their income and one Ted X Speaker. 
I demonstrate how anyone can build a solid speaker business and create huge value and impact whilst also making a great income. 
Authentic, Genuine selling of your service, product or message, how I made £35,000 through one event and how you can do it too. 

Realising the level of support and my ability to help more by also providing online guidance I am now able to offer mentorship, programmes, courses and so much more to support the masses in Unleashing their Warrior within and Stepping up as a Leader and Speaker. 

Have a look at the programmes and Events to see what is available online and offline and Lets Continue Rising Together

I didn't know what to do

That's when it all Changed...

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''Lets Rise Together!''

- Harriet Bratt

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