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Hello & Welcome to blogs written to support you Unleash your Warrior Within, step into your power and speak your truth with confidence 

Build your Confidence and Unleash Your Warrior Within 

Unleashing Your Warrior Within - and what this means

Life - is a beautiful or stressful journey - depending how we choose to live it.

Most people are living in the conditioned mentality of what we should be doing, what we were told to do or by comparing ourselves to what others are doing.
More often than not, this leads us to feeling confused, questioning and feeling alone in a world where there are over 7.5 billion people.

The good news is, despite what it may seem -  the shift is here, and it is growing.

More and more people are seeing that there is not a set way, and that the conditioned approach that many have - is exactly that - conditioned. Not wrong, not right - just a set way believed by many.

We are not taught in school how to lead our own lives, how to connect with ourselves, to give ourselves care, love and compassion.
We are not taught about the multitude of ways you can exist, grow and experience life.
We are not shown to follow what is important to us and create the life we desire.

Jim Rohn said, formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune.

In this context - I am not just speaking to money and finances
I am speaking to a rich and fulfilled existence

If you want to be happy, satisfied and confident in your path - it is up to you to make it so.

It is your choice to step out of the 'old school' patterns and paths that you have been told to follow and to make conscious choices on what feels right in your heart.

What are your desires? What are your passions? What do you truly want to be doing?

If you are doing this, magical!!! I am so happy for you and only wish for you to continue embracing this at a deeper level.

The challenge is, most people are not.
Most people have ideas on what their life could look like yet, sometimes unknowingly roll over to what they think they ‘should’ be doing.

I was a slave to society’s dos and dont's, what my parents told me was ‘the right way’ to live my life.
I got caught in the hamster wheel of what I thought I should be doing rather than embracing what I wanted to be doing.

So how did I and so many others change this?
And is it possible for you?!

The short answer is Yes! 

Whatever you want to do - and I mean the truest desires of your heart, not the superficial statements that are easy to make, or the snatched comparisons of what you see others achieving.
What lights you up? What sets your soul on fire and feels completely aligned to you?

This is possible for you - but you must decide it to be so, and become the person who consciously takes inspired action on that decision.

Unleash your Warrior within, stand in your power, and speak your truth.

Your warrior - your genius and your strength are all inside of you and when we connect to this power, this internal courage to lead with love for yourself, then others & for the universe - that is when you can unfold the path of your greatest potential.

Some of you may question this, not me, I can’t, I just wish I could do that.
You can.

You feel weak or question your path if you are living from your past painful experiences or listening to the opinions of others that are not congruent in what your true ambitions are.
We doubt ourselves and our abilities when we let the little conditioned and negatively biased voice speak for us rather than leading with the purity of our intent.

I am not saying this is easy, or that it happens overnight - but if you want that fulfilled and happy life - it is important to step into it.

No one else can do it for you - in fact, many will try to hold you back or think you are ‘crazy’

Trust yourself.

There are many many ways to do this, but here are 3 concise tips that support you to Unleash your Warrior and live life on your terms.

1) Decide
Decide that it is possible for you and then continue, on a daily basis to make decisions that serve the path you desire and the truth of who you really are.
You may have heard quotes like “thoughts become things” “What you think about you bring about” “It all starts in your mind”
Yes - they have become great wallpapers, Instagram posts, and frivolous sayings, but the power of these statements lies in the awareness of execution. Choosing your thoughts, your patterns and your stories and then the conscious choices to reprogram the old and create the new. To become the person that would be doing, embracing and achieving what is important for you.

Everyday, be aware your thoughts, listen to your stories and choose, decide what you want to say, feel and take action on.
Whatever you tell your subconscious mind - it receives as fact. It won’t argue whether it is true or false, right or wrong - it will simply hear and store the memory of that statement.
So do you choose “I can’t, not me, I’m a failure, it didn’t work, I have to do what they say”
Orrrrrr do you decide “I can, I will, I learn from mistakes and progress, I do what feels right and trust in myself”

2) Listen, read, watch and think about things that motivate, educate and inspire you every day to take aligned action on the life you wish for.

Take time to heal your past, to acknowledge what you have been through but to celebrate that you are still here and to know that you have power in the perspective you place on that situation.
It is not about hiding, suppressing or ignoring what you have been through - it is simply about deciding that your past does not have to define your future.

Bring a loving acceptance to where you are now - even if your circumstances are hard, accept where you are to grow to where you want to be.
Stop comparing yourself, your life and your results to others and accept what is. Metaphysics shares that the past - only exists in our minds.
You cannot change what has happened but you can bring light to how you use it moving forwards.
When you are lovingly accepting what is now, you give way to creating and accomplishing the future you desire.
Then - with this acceptance - do something everyday that supports the new story, the new habits, pathways and behaviours towards your next level.

Listen, read, watch and think thoughts that move you forwards and support this new programming everyday!
Again - we have the choice: are you replaying the past, or creating the future.

Educate yourself to grow into your potential, your light, your power.

3) Surround yourself with like-minded Warriors who lift you up, support your choices and encourage your actions.

There has never been an easier time to link up with others that see, know and enjoy a life other than what we were told we should be doing.

Online, offline and in your heart - connect with those that are doing similar, reach out - even if it’s scary and communicate with people, tribes, mentors, circles that are shifting into a new awareness and are creating plus living the life they desire and deserve.
The more time you spend with people who make you feel good, inspire you and support you - the more likely you are to continuously do tip one - make conscious choices that you act on to release your true potential and unleash your warrior within. The more you think, feel and do - the more you step into and enjoy the life you were meant for.

As you implement these, remember to trust the process and enjoy the journey.
In a world where on one simple device we are able to get answers, results, pictures, shopping, connection, stimulation, in a nano second - know that you are not a phone.
You have SO much more potential, you have emotions, you have a much more powerful and complex mind to move forwards with.

Achieving what you want takes time - so let go of needing the instant gratification and build steps of gratitude and appreciation along the way.
Have your goals, wishes, dreams desires and make them a reality - but know this…..

It is a journey that you can find tough, challenging and never enough - or it’s a path you can enjoy, embrace and learn to love.

We are not guaranteed our next breath let alone the results of what is in our heart - so whilst every thought and desire is possible - embrace the route to that result.
Every step may not unfold as you wish it too, but every step is a lesson or a blessing.

Every moment is yours for the taking and the thoughts and perspective you place upon it is the experience that you will live in.

Ralph Marston said ‘Happiness is a choice, not a result, nothing will make you happy, unless you choose to be happy’; so start to consciously choose your happiness, your confidence and the emotional house that you live in - whilst shifting into your deeper desires.

The funny thing is, the more you fall into positivity, gratitude and trusting yourself, the easier and quicker everything else will unfold.

Bring happiness, courage and trust into your now and see how everything shows up beyond that.

Unleash your Warrior within, speak your Truth and Trust the Process.

Lets Rise Together



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