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Crew Program

Learn it   Live it   Give it

As a graduate of Speaker Mastery live event, what better way to give back than to help others who are just beginning the journey?
The Speaker Mastery & Fire Tender Crew Program is the ultimate opportunity to take your leadership skills, passion, energy, creativity, insights and talents to the next level as you support participants attending our live events, while learning and growing yourself. 

How To Apply:

Thank you for your interest in joining our Crew. 
We appreciate your support on the Warrior's Mission! 

To apply to become a crew member, just fill in the form below!

In order to provide both you and event participants with an outstanding experience, Crew requests are reviewed with the following guidelines in mind:

  • You must have participated in the event that you would like to support during the last 2 Years

  • Fire Tender: You must have previous experience or come as a volunteer to observe first. 

Either Harriet or a member of our team will reach out once you have sent your details. 

An Invitation to Pay it Forward 

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